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Porsche 911 in Racing

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Porsche 911 in Racing
Porsche 911 in Racing

Being the second oldest sports car still in production (the Chevrolet Corvette is the oldest), the Porsche 911 was introduced in nineteen sixty four and is produced in Stuttgart, Germany. The design of the 911 has been tweaked continually throughout its lifespan, yet the overall approach to the car has remained the same. The car remains rear engined, a characteristic shared with the VW Beetle which was also designed by Porsche.

The performance of the 911 has been proved in many racing competitions, proving to be one of the most successful racing models produced. Various variations of the 911 have performed extremely well in racing and rally events, with the Cerrera RSR winning numerous events in the nineteen seventies.

Due to its fame, design, focused vision, and undoubted racing success, the Porsche 911 was declared fifth in the nineteen ninety nine international Car of the Century award. The 911 could easily be argued to be the most timeless of the cars within the poll, with it being the only car still in production from the top five, and being the second oldest sports car in production. The other cars within the top five include; Model T, Mini, DS, and the Porsche designed Volkswagen Beetle.
The most powerful and fastest Porsche, the 911 GT1, was developed for the Le Mans race held in nineteen ninety six. Although it was much different than the standard 911, there were twenty road going models made to meet the racing requirements. These mid-engined 911s were the most powerful and fastest 911s ever produced. 

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