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Acura Buying Tips For 2007

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Acura Buying Tips For 2007
Acura Buying Tips For 2007

Acura is one of the hottest selling car brands in the USA and many other countries. Honda’s luxury division has managed to seize an important segment of the auto market, so its 2007 models are expected to take the quality even further. Here are a few tips for buying an Acura in 2007, together with a look at their future and current vehicle offer.

Acura RDX (2007)

Priced at $32,995, the 2007 Acura RDX is a medium sized SUV that is slightly smaller than the MDX. The main competitors for the RDX are X3 from BMW and the M Klass Mercedes, together with other mid-sized SUVs. The RDX seems to be a very good choice for a family car that also offers luxury and a bit of sportive feel.

Acura MDX (2007)

The impressive sales of the MDX are expected to rise even further in 2007. Coming from Honda’s luxury division, the car-based seven-passenger MDX will most likely have shoppers face waiting lists. The 2007 Acura MDX has some other impressive advantages – more power and improved stability on any terrain with Acura’s All-Wheel Drive system.

Acura RL (2007)

The 2007 model shifts some of the equipment that was previously considered standard to the options list, in an attempt to lower the overall base price of the RL. You will still get optional choices such as the rearview camera system or the traffic monitoring system.

Acura TL (2007)

The 2007 model receives a 3.5-liter V-6 with 286 horsepower in its Type-S performance edition. Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive is still not included with this model.

Acura TSX (2007)

Very similar to the European version (Honda Accord), the 2007 Acura TSX is a blend between the RSX and the TL performance sedan. Not a lot of changes accompany the 2007 TSX, but this is partly because there were no complaints with the earlier models.

Current vehicle offers from Acura

Acura MDX (2006)

With a price of $37,125 the 2006 MDX offers everything you might be looking for as far as luxury, safety and performance are concerned in an SUV. The 2006 MDX comes with the popular 4 wheel traction system that Acura fits on all its MDX models, plus the added bonus of XM Satellite radio.

Acura RL (2006)

Launched in 2005, the RL model from Acura has done well in the luxury sedan market. Priced between $48,565 and $53,100, depending on options and engine, the Acura RL comes with all-wheel drive and a well built real-time traffic monitoring system. Other improvements added to the 2006 Acura RL are the CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System) and ACS (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Acura RSX (2006)

Priced between $20,325 and $23,845 addresses a much wider target audience than the exotic NSX. The base RSX comes with 155-horsepower and the performance Type-S has an additional 46 bhp.

Acura TSX (2006)

The small sport sedan priced at $27,890 is the next step from the RSX sport coupe. The 2006 model comes with changes in the optional equipment and a stylish facelift.

For more information, factual characteristics and photos and wallpapers of the 2006 and 2007 Acura models, please visit all-car-photos.com or see the links below.

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