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A Muscle Car Will Always Be in a Man’s Heart

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A Muscle Car Will Always Be in a Man’s Heart
A Muscle Car Will Always Be in a Man’s Heart

Any good red blooded American man loves his muscle car, and that is a trait that he will never lose. I have had a love for the muscle cars since I was a young boy. The love has only grown stronger with age, you know the old saying, the only difference between a boy, and a man is the price of his toys.

Nothing could be more true, if you loved muscle cars as a kid, you more than likely will love them as an adult. The biggest difference it hat you now have the means to buy them, well hopefully. A muscle car will be in your heart forever.

As a kid you loved the sound of a true muscle car, and you love the way that they look, but most of all you loved the power if you got to ride in one as a kid. As an adult you want to buy a muscle car, and modify it to meet you idea of what it should be.

Usually as a man you’re looking for custom paint, and a super high performance engine. You don’t really care how you achieve these two things either, as long as the car turns out the way that you think it should.

With the muscle car, most of us men have a preference as to what manufacture we like, I always loved the Chevrolet Camaro, but another man my love the Ford Mustang, or the Dodge Charger. It doesn’t really matter as long as you love your American car.

We love the hot summer heights down on the main drag showing off our custom cars. We love to win the race, and we love to cover the seat with the prettiest girls in town. But most of all it’s about making our car be what we ant it to be, and perform the way that it should.

If we go out on a weekend and lose a race, you can bet that we are in the garage squeezing more power out of the high performance car. This is a constant battle, we add superchargers, nitrous, and fuel injection to make our custom car win the race.

We love the huge obnoxious loppy camshaft that only we can stand to be around. We can’t wait to add more power, or customize the paint a bit more. Yes we love to to show off our work of art. We try to create a car that we have never seen before, a true one of a kind masterpiece.

For most custom car freaks, their muscle car is a feat which as never been accomplished by any other man, and can never be done again. They are special to us, they give us a sense of joy that nothing else can do, and we love them for it, nothing is quite like a muscle car.

There is no doubt that we can spend a lot of time making our muscle cars what we want them to be. But nothing else comes even close to the sense of satisfaction that we get from building a muscle car.

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