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A Healthy Sex Life Is at a Man’s Fingertips With Alpha Lipoic Acid

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A Healthy Sex Life Is at a Man’s Fingertips With Alpha Lipoic Acid
A Healthy Sex Life Is at a Man’s Fingertips With Alpha Lipoic Acid

What man doesn’t want the best possible sex life? Most guys are willing to go to great lengths to improve the look and feel of their penis. The key to boosting penile health and fueling a healthy sex life is caring for the goods properly. The penis is like the engine of a car; it only runs well if it is properly tuned up and well-maintained. So if a man is not keeping what he has going on under the hood in working order, he has nothing more than a high-mileage penis that is quickly aging. Learn how to give the male engine a daily tune-up that will help keep the penis healthy for 100,000 miles and then some.

Fight Penis Aging

Just like that old car engine, the penis can take a beating over the years. Repeatedly aggressive or forceful masturbation takes a toll on the penis skin and delicate tissue of the penis. Much like the tires on a car lose tread over the years, the penis skin can actually become desensitized from this aggressive type of self-love. The damage – known as peripheral nerve damage – reduces sensitivity of the penis which can add up to a slower performance time and even less enjoyment of the ride. What’s more, just like rock chips and rust can damage the paint job of that classic car, free radicals that roam the body can damage the health and appearance of the penis. Not only can free radicals lead to cancer of the penis, they can also cause premature aging and wrinkling of the penis skin making the body of a man’s mini-car look old and weathered before its time. Finally, just as years of improper fuel can cause a car engine to become sluggish and run down, so to can a penis that is not receiving the vital nutrients it needs to perform at a high caliber pace. Luckily, just as old cars can be restored, an out of sync penis can easily be retuned and restored to its previous glory in no time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a highly potent penis nutrient that, especially when combined with other nutrients, is integral to the restoration of a man’s penis health. Alpha Lipoic Acid works to fight penis aging in the following ways:

1) Improves the appearance of the penis: When the exterior of an old car looks a little rough, a paint job takes out the scratches and restores its old shine. Alpha Lipoic Acid works in a similar way by fighting the free radicals that cause the weathered, wrinkled appearance of the penis. This powerful antioxidant can restore a youthful appearance and supple touch to the penis skin making it look and feel years younger.

2) Improved sensitivity: Perhaps the most important job of alpha lipoic acid, especially when paired with acetyl L carnitine, is the protection to the actual cells of the penis, which are damaged from everyday wear and tear on the penis. Alpha lipoic acid helps to fight damage to the cells, which can lead to a desensitization of the penis over time.

3) Improved Sex Drive: It is important to fuel the penis with high quality ingredient, much like premium gasoline keeps and engine running smoothly, alpha lipoic acid helps fuel the body and the penis by ramping up energy production. Alpha lipoic acid may help increase a man’s stamina and energy – what he does with that boost of energy is up to him!

Properly Fueling the Penis

To keep the penis running on all 4 cylinders, establishing a daily maintenance schedule is key – after all – one doesn’t wait until the car breaks down to get it tuned up and the same policy of care should be applied to the penis. Using a penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains alpha lipoic acid and other penis specific ingredients, is the perfect fuel to maintain the health of the penis. Why use plain lotion when there is a vitamin packed option available to improve the health and appearance of the penis. Simply apply after the daily shower and rest easy knowing the penis will run smoothly for many miles to come.

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