May 23, 2024

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What to Look For When Choosing a Garage for Your Vehicle Repairs

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You should choose a garage based on experience, knowledge and the services on offer. When you choose an auto centre, you want to choose one that offers a host of services, enabling you to get comfortable with them. Trust goes a long way when you have a good garage, knowing they aren’t taking your inexperience for granted and charging you for unnecessary work.

The most important factor is whether they offer vehicle servicing. All vehicles need to have a regular service to keep them running at their best. A vehicle that isn’t serviced regularly will start to suffer, using more petrol and being more expensive to keep.

Ideally the garage will offer MOT testing. Those who live in the UK are aware that all vehicles must go through a MOT test once a year to legally be on the road. MOT testing follow strict DVLA requirements and when necessary, work is carried out to make the car legal. A vehicle owner cannot get their annual car tax if the vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate.

Another important thing to consider is that the police and traffic enforcement vehicles all have scanners which pick up whether the vehicle is legal or not, so this is a step you cannot afford to forget or leave out and wait just another month until you have some cash.

If you have chosen a reputable garage and you can trust them, then you know they will not find things wrong to try and get money out of you, if they find any faults it will be the required work needed to pass the required MOT test.

Do they offer an air conditioning service? Not all service centres will offer air conditioning repairs. So it’s really handy if you are lucky enough to find a garage which ticks all the boxes. If you are happy with their work, your vehicle only has to go to one service centre for everything.

Many of the service centres will offer a brake and tyre service, though not all of them. You want to choose a garage which will give you a range of services. They may even offer you a free brake check, if you are lucky. Some companies will automatically check brakes and tyres while doing other repairs to the vehicle, ensuring you are always safe on the road.

Ensure the service centre you choose offers an excellent & reliable in the local area. If you don’t have family, friends or colleagues in the area, go online. The internet is brimming with information; all you have to do is type in the company name and see what customers have written about their experiences with the company in the online forums.

To identify their professionalism, knowledge and experience. You can test them from when you first call to book in your vehicle for the first time. How is the phone answered, how quickly do they deal with your request and how knowledgeable are they about your vehicle?

Finally, see if they are technologically advanced and offer an online booking system. Once you are comfortable with the service centre, you may want to book your car for a service or MOT test via the internet, saving you time and energy. This is highly convenient when you get home late from work and remember you didn’t phone and book in the vehicle during the day.

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