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Towing Service in Riyadh

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Towing Service in Riyadh
Towing Service in Riyadh

We are here with a new concept of bike repair and car repair and towing service in Riyadh to make your daily life hassle-free. Getting a mechanic near you on time in the mid-way of your journey is quite a difficult task. So, to make things easy for you we have come up with a 24/7 roadside assistance. You can avail our service anytime. We serve you 24/7 car and bike repair service. If you have to look for a roadside assistance within a few minutes then we are the solution for you. Instant towing service is also available. problem

It has been always assumed that car towing services are expensive or not affordable but we guarantee your car and bike towing services at affordable charges. Whenever you find yourself in trouble with your vehicle, just call us or Google ” car or bike repair near me” and there you find us. We reach you in just 30 minutes after your call.

Car Breakdown Service in Riyadh


Customer call to our 0538985370 Phone number and give information about a place at which customer car is a breakdown. Our Satha team will forward call of customer to workshop that is nearest to customer and mechanics will guide on phone or by video call if customer can agree if not mechanic will reach to customer after explains charges of workshop ( customer should know on detail on call about labour charges of workshop before invite to mechanic).once reach of mechanic customer will pay bill of mechanic according to workshop rules.mechanic will try to solve the problem since but if not then carry the vehicle to workshop ( towing service take extra charges by workshop). you can carry your vehicle to home after repair by pay bill of a workshop.

We provide instant vehicle breakdown support anytime anywhere in Riyadh

We guarantee no press-button telephone menus when you call. We aim to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. We provide following services for all kind of Two wheelers & Four wheelers

We offer all type of services to meet your needs with 24*7 assistance:

01 on spot minor repair
02 battery jumpstart
03 flat tyre fixing on the spot
04 fuel delivery
05 general service
06 towing (flatbed towing, uplift towing)

Email: info(@)SathaSaudia.com
Phone Number: +966.538985370
Address: Um alhamam west almoraby Street 2796 unit 2 Riyadh,
code 7452, box 12329,
Saudi Arabia

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