May 22, 2024

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One Way Car Rental – Costly But Worth It

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One-way car rental is one of the costliest and dearest suggestions in the travel industry. If you left over your rented car at some other place from where you picked it up, then the company has to get back the car and definitely it will cost on you. The one way rental is more punished with heavy base charges and drop-off surcharges.

Why people choose one way car rental?
In spite of additions in the charges, people still go for one way car rental because:
*To prevent abjuring their gradations on vacation.
*In order to take the area of a little more costly flight.
*To have the experience over the road on the country side without adding miles to their own car or vehicle.

Who Offers One-Way Rental?
Well, most of the car rental companies offer one-way car rental but it is important to know that the facility differs from company to company depending on your choice and the location for journey.
For example, both National and Alamo don’t allow one-way rental in El Salvador, and moreover, Enterprise permits rental only within the similar metropolitan area where you live.

The one-way rental is expensive because of two reasons:
*Drop-off charges
*High base rates

The drop-off fleece adds up to hundred’s of dollars as a penalty for dropping your rented car somewhere else from the place you picked it. Even if you didn’t do anything like this the base rates will be there to be charged at your rent for the car……..

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