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Jobs in Middle East – Saudi Arabia

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Want to get information about good jobs in the Arabian countries? You can work in Middle East. Read on to know all about employment and jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Employment in Middle East

Saudi Arabia is the biggest Arabian country in the Middle East. It is one of the richest nations in the world with a number of expanding sectors. Oil is the prominent natural resource in this country. The oil resources have been fully exploited here which has contributed to its economy. The other flourishing sectors here are as follows:


These are the booming sectors which have created thousands of lucrative jobs for many people. Many people from Asian countries flock to Middle Eastern countries in search of good jobs. Many skilled and semi-skilled workers are in great demand here for various technical jobs.

Attractive Jobs in Middle East

Engineers and mechanics are in high demand in Saudi Arabia. There is a plethora of engineering and mechanical jobs in this nation. Some of the hottest engineering jobs are:

-Electrical Engineer
-Process Engineer
-Communication Engineer
-Electrical Project Engineer
-Civil & Structural Project Engineer
-Mechanical Engineer
-Inspection Engineer
-Design Engineer
-IT Engineer

Some of the most attractive mechanical jobs are as follows:

-Mechanical Fitter
-Machine Tool Operator
-Forklift Mechanic
-Diesel Mechanic
-Supervisor Mechanic
-Qualifications for jobs in Middle East

Check out the educational qualifications you need to bag jobs in the hottest sectors of Saudi Arabia.

-Banking – Candidates need to pass a banking exam with successful. Work experience of 3 or more years in banking environment is preferable.
-Pharmaceutical – You require a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Pharmacy or Medical Science.
-Engineering – You need a bachelor’s or a master’s degree certificate in the engineering domain you want to work in.
-Education – You require a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in any subject. You also need to be a B.Ed to qualify as a teacher. Previous school teaching experience is preferable.

Job sites in Middle East

Are you eager to work in Middle East? But you are clueless where to look for jobs there, right? This is where the World Wide Web can come to your help. Check out any of the employment websites on the internet. Most of these sites offer country based job search. You can customize your search options to look for jobs only in Saudi Arabia. You can also type “Jobs in Saudi Arabia” in the search engine search-box and look for jobs in the sites that come up in the results. You can apply for these jobs by registering at these sites. Registration is mostly free. You may need to take up a premium membership if you intend to use any extra services.

Job consultancy firms that one can consult:

Looking for a quick and safer way to bag jobs in the Saudi Arabian nations? You can use the services of any of the placement agencies based there. You will need to forward your professional and educational details to these firms. The agencies will look for right jobs based on your input.

Apart from looking for the right jobs for you, you can also expect other services from these agencies like:

-Resume writing tips
-Career guidance
-Candidate requirement of top companies in Saudi Arabia
-Effective grooming tips
-Guidance about salary expectations

The agencies may charge you a small annual fee for their yearly services.

Al Nour Recruitment Office


Tel: 26514972.

Human Resources Employ Training & Development Co. Ltd.

Jeddah – 126111

Tel: 26515557
Fax: 02657036.

Connections Circle Est.

Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 14643656
Fax: 01464503.

Al Sarra Employment Office

Dammam – 4553,
Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 38670003
Fax: 03867222.

Future Windows Recruitment Co

Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 22831960.

Al Maseerah Recruitment

Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 12786000.

Fast Track Recruiting Office

Riyadh – 58639,
Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 14611499
Fax: 01461745

Future Harvest for Recruitment Services

Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 12292034.

Al Araj Manpower Recruiting

Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 38573851
Fax: 03857385.

Prince Mohd Bin Fahad Recruitment Program


Tel: 38050012
Fax: 03805001

International Development Center


Tel: 14733144
Fax: 01472674.

World of Experience Recruiting Office

Dammam – 8543

Tel: 38436999
Fax: 03842645.

You can use the services of any of these placement consultancy firms to look for good jobs in Saudi Arabia and live a high standard of life.

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