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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars – Gasoline Saving Tips With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars – Gasoline Saving Tips With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars – Gasoline Saving Tips With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

What is the science behind hydrogen fuel cell cars? With the current high gasoline prices, many car owners around the world are searching for ways to reduce their vehicle fuel consumption. At the current rate gas prices are increasing, it won’t be too long before people have no choice but to abandon their cars for public transportation. One feasible solution to this problem is to adopt hydrogen fuel cell for cars. This article will provide some information on the idea.

The concept of hydrogen fuel cell for vehicle is basically using hydrogen gas (H2) as supplementary fuel source for cars. Presently, running a car on purely H2 is not practical yet. That is the reason why it has to be mixed with conventional gasoline to be burnt in the engine. Hydrogen gas for vehicle can be generated from water with electrolysis process. From high school science, we know that water is made of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen hence its chemical name H2O. By channeling electricity current through water in an electrolysis device, H2 can be generated and stored.

The next phase is to release the hydrogen gas into the engine air filtration system. From there, it will be diverted into the combustion chambers and combined with gasoline. H2 is highly flammable and can burn at a very fast rate. The enriched gas mixture will produce a smoother and stronger power from the engine. In theory, if a car is using the same amount of fuel but achieving a high engine yield, the vehicle will travel further thus increasing its mileage and saving cost.

To convert a car to run on hydrogen fuel cell is not difficult. Anyone with some basic car maintenance skill can do the modification. You will need to invest about $150 to purchase the parts needed. The good news it, most of the components for the conversion process is available from a hardware store. With the current high gasoline prices, hydrogen fuel cell technology for cars seems like a practical solution to reduce gasoline cost.

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