May 21, 2024

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Environmentally Friendly Cars

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Environmentally friendly cars are supposed to be the vehicles of future generations. Nevertheless such cars exist now and are becoming more popular in the modern car market than conventional vehicles which work on fossil fuels. The advantages of such cars are not only in their lower harmfulness for the environment and people’s health but also in the lower fuel costs. However their production is rather expensive, so it is a moot point both for the customers and the automobile manufacturers. So they are more expensive to buy but they pay for themselves in a period of about 5 years because they consume less expensive fuels.

Here are the common types of environmentally friendly cars:

– Electric cars;

– Fuel-cell-powered cars (hydrogen and oxygen cars);

– Hybrid cars;

– Solar cars.

Electric cars operate on rechargeable batteries which are the most expensive parts of this type of vehicles. Most electric cars look like conventional vehicles and one usually cannot tell them apart. Electric cars are very quiet and produce no exhaust fumes at all. The interior of the cars is stuffed with wiring harness.

Fuel-cell-powered cars operate on chemical reactions between different fuel cells (like hydrogen and oxygen) which merge to turn into a new matter. As a matter of fact fuel-cell-powered cars are similar to electric cars because they work on electricity which comes as a result of such chemical reactions. They are also as quiet and ecological as electric ones, plus fuel-cell-powered cars almost don’t need any maintenance or repairs because there is almost no friction between the car parts of such vehicles. All in all this kind of environmentally friendly cars is supposed to be very economical and ecological and could be the champion among green cars but for one essential aspect – hydrogen is a very flammable gas and when it comes with oxygen a car accident can be very destructive.

Hybrid cars are something in between electric cars, fuel-cell-powered cars or gasoline cars. They are very ecological and produce almost no exhaust fumes. Hybrid cars are more widespread than other environmentally friendly cars.

Solar cars operate on the solar energy which they accumulate with the help of built-in solar panels. Solar cars have a very peculiar shape which most likely resembles spaceships from Star Wars. They are more uncommon and are not produced on regular basis. They can be driven at high speeds for a long time powered only by the energy of the sun.

Environmentally friendly cars have become the choice of many people who decided to reduce the influence of burning fossil fuels on the nature.

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