July 17, 2024

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Emerging Technology

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Emerging Technology
Emerging Technology

Does our future hold Flying Space Ships, Technology that talks back to us or robotics that steal jobs from humans? Personally I think our future looks bright and full of surprising technologies as we move closer and closer to the year 2020. Robots, improved Communication tools, and I even read somewhere we may even be playing video games using our own brain waves according to the University of Washington. Researchers are working on finding new and improved wireless technologies and there has been rumor that they are designing battery free wireless devices. How amazing would that be? Something that I see becoming very popular and up and coming will be the wearable devices. I certainly think so! To add, A Queen’s University researcher has created a Star Trek-like human-scale 3-D videoconferencing pod that allows people in different locations to video conference as if they were standing in front of each other and Parisian researchers have developed a 3D navigation system for the blind using a pair of glasses equipped with cameras and sensors like those used in robot exploration. Wouldn’t this be incredible? On another note, Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a more efficient data transmission approach that can boost the amount of data the networks can transmit by 20 to 80 percent while Rice, Penn State researchers laced carbon nanotubes with boron to create reusable oil-soaking sponges that show promise for environmental cleanup, among many uses.

So we have talked about many of these amazing devices now what about the vehicles of the future? What do you see coming? Have you heard about the new Lamborghini’s limited edition $4.3 million Veneno? Unveiled just this past March the 750 hp, AWD carbon fiber super car was met with much acclaim, and criticism, both for its outlandish design (even for a Lamborghini)If you want to take it a step further you can take a ride on the newest public transportation vehicle The Japanese regional railway JR Kyushu has become the first company in Japan to build a luxury sleeper cruise train, spending close to 3 billion yen (US$29.9 million). The Seven Stars cruise train comes equipped with the latest motion control technology, 14 luxury guest rooms, two deluxe suites, three presidential suites, a lounge car, dining car and bar.

All of these emerging technologies are exciting and definitely worth the money. But who will be able to afford these technologies when they become realty or when they are incorporated into our everyday lives? I think the answer here is we will have to wait and see! What ideas do you have for our future?

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