June 22, 2024

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Coding and Cutting Spare Transponder Keys

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Transponder keys are an important aspect of a vehicle and have become very popular over the last few years because they prevent car theft. There are several electronic or computer coded chips utilized in the manufacture of transponder key blanks that are programmable for lost or for cutting spare keys.

You receive these coded keys when you purchase a car. Basically transponder keys are considered to be high security keys that will only work in your car’s ignition system using a radio transmission waves. The built-in transmission chip inside the transponder key allows the vehicle to star automatically.

Spare key is duplicated from another key but it still needs to be programmed in order for the car or SUV to recognize it. A key blank will not start a car even if it has not been programmed. Local Chicago locksmiths have the spare transponder keys or they know how to unlock your vehicle or start the engine with duplication. You don’t have to wait for the dealer to open up in order to get your keys.

Transponder key blanks are used to match and then laser cut with specific biting to match your car’s ignition switch. Locksmiths usually keep these blank keys in stock at all times so they can be cut. If you need a spare key there are other ways to get it. You can use a laser cut key that is made by creating a dimple like surface without actually using a blade.

The keys are safe because they have a programmed microchip inside that is coded as per the vehicle’s ignition code while serial number in the key chip is unique so it cannot be duplicated. When you enter the transponder key code it will validates the current chip code. If the numbers do not match, ignition will seize and your car will not start. Similarly, high security locks and safety vaults use similarly programmed keys to safeguard important documents and items. Just in case, you require spare keys or get the lock repaired, Chicago locksmiths are proficient in their multi faceted services.

Locksmiths use state of the art high quality expensive machinery in order to cut the keys correctly. Reputed and experienced Chicago locksmiths can take away the worry because if you just get it done anywhere one simple flaw and the key will not work. Most Chicago locksmith can create spare high security keys, laser keys, residential and security keys as well. They can also extract a key that has become stuck or broken off in the ignition.

If you leave your car keys inside your vehicle or get locked out, you need to have the number of a locksmith close by. A Chicago locksmith can do the following:

• Program the new transponder key
• Read the key number in the memory located in the immobilizer
• They can provide codes for a variety of different model cars
• Correctly identify the immobilizer system on a vehicle
• Cancel stolen transponder coded key so your vehicle cannot be broken into.

When you buy a car that is used, make sure that you check the original keys to make sure that it is the right one to your vehicle. Though you can always go to your car dealer, it is cheaper and faster to get your new key programmed by a licensed local locksmith.

Emergency service locksmith in Chicago should be licensed bonded and insured by the state laws so they can provide the right service wherever you are in Chicago, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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