June 20, 2024

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Cluttered Station Wagon? Three Storage Options To Organise Your Boot

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One thing is for sure – station wagons are more popular than ever before. They’re spacious, comfortable and very reliable. But, unfortunately, station wagons don’t always have the solutions needed to make loading, unloading, and storage easy.

All of that changes, however, when you consider the following three station wagon storage options.

# 1 – Two Drawer Storage

Opting to have a storage unit installed with two drawers is a great way to help keep your vehicle organised and clean – and is a brilliant solution for those who need plenty of storage space.

Rather than having items placed all over the boot floor and seats, you can now store them neatly away in two drawers that fit perfectly into the boot of your vehicle. These drawers typically tend to hold weights up to 150 kilos, making them ideal for anything you want to store for work, camping, or other outdoor adventures.

Need more than two drawers to handle your station wagon storage needs? No problem. Several reputable vendors make three drawer solutions to help you keep your station wagon super organised and clean.

These storage drawers can even come with internal dividers, making it easy to store smaller items such as tools next to more oversized or bulky items.

#2 – Drawer Storage and Slides

Why not combine the best of both worlds? By opting for a drawer solution with slides, you can treat yourself to station wagon storage option, including drawers, slides and dividers all in one neat package!

Slides have many benefits, including:

  • being very easy to install
  • being fully adjustable
  • allowing you to fit your SW equipment exactly where you want it

Slides connect to the top of station wagon drawers that are already installed. They feature a long flat base that slides easily on steel roller bearing frames. They are a great way to store more oversized items such as camping gear or fishing rods, while drawer dividers help keep smaller tools and equipment organised.

This type of station wagon storage option offers the best of both worlds, ensures that your things are stored securely, and are very easy to access when you need them.

# 3 – Fridge in Drawer Unit

Do a lot of long-distance driving with your family? Then having a fridge installed in your SW can be a lifesaver. Not only will it help keep drinks cool, but you can also use it for storing food items that don’t require cooking or refrigeration before they are consumed.

They’re effortless to install and the top panel folds down to make it a double drawer storage space perfect for storing toys for the kids when the fridge isn’t in use.

Station Wagon Storage Space for Any Occasion

Not everyone needs a brand new vehicle, but practically everyone could still benefit from having more organised SW storage drawers.

With SW storage drawers installed, you can reduce the time spent looking for items, limit the risk of accidents climbing to the back, and create a more organised vehicle for your needs.

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