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Brief History of Car Rental

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Brief History of Car Rental
Brief History of Car Rental

Car rental service has become a significant part of the travel and tourism industry. It has become the choice of the elite car whether within the city or across the country. The present day youth has witnessed a heavy rise in their income which has eventually paved path to a luxurious and comfortable life. Whether going for a vacation, any day picnic, or for any business meeting people are now preferring to hire cars rather than driving long hours and getting tired.

With so much growth in the car rental services it’s certain to ponder how and when did this service started. There are many beliefs and considerations regarding the history of auto rental but the fact remains that it is somehow closely related to the growth of the automobile industry.

It is believed that the first car rental service was offered by a Nebraskan named Joe Saunders. In the year 1916, Joe Saunders lent his Ford Model T for the first time to a traveling salesman who wished to impress her girl friend on his date. The known businessman Joe Saunders was not even aware that this lending will eventually turn out to be a successful business. Gradually his business started growing to new heights and he then started charging 10 cents for every traveled mile.

The first car-rental company started by Saunders witnessed exponential growth following which many other businessmen started their car-rental firms in America. Though Saunders experienced bankruptcy during the economical collapse after Great Depression in America, others who followed him continued to outlive their business opportunity. Walter Jacobs and John Hertz were the ones who successfully continued their operation. When the levels of growth started reaching extreme heights John Hertz could not sustain entered into a venture with the automobile giant, General Mills. After this, America witnessed the emergence of Warren Avis car rental and National Car Rental System in America.

Many other companies gradually started entering into the business with high expectations of profitable returns. Furthermore, as the air traffic started increasing, the demand of rented cars subsequently increased. This is mainly because most business associates travel through airlines and then use cabs to travel within the city from the airport to the destination and vice-versa.

All this gave a big boost to the rising capabilities of the automobile rental services across the world. Even the scenario in India looks to be very promising and progressive. At present many global companies are venturing with Indian brands to provide car rental services in the country. Many companies offer service dedicatedly at the airport and others offer services across the city.

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